Alessandro Bistarelli Pianista

Alessandro Bistarelli Pianista

Alessandro Bistarelli Pianista

LIBRO skrjabin COPERTINAThis book aims to analyze the figure of the great Russian composer Aleksandr Nikolaevi─Ź Skrjabin (Moscow, 1872-1915) from different angles and perspectives: a sort of mosaic that binds together the aesthetic, historical, and linguistic aspects of musical production, and existential philosophical ones. In particular, through an analytical reading of his original writings, the philosophical and theosophical theories that he placed at the basis of his own creative itinerary are examined. In addition, a harmonic and structural analysis of the latest works for piano is presented, which hinges on the Skrjabinian linguistic system and tries to reveal its logic and compositional evolution.





Skrjabin - Copertina CDSkrjabin - Retro CD

The CD features the last piano works of the composer Muscovite Alexandr Skrjabin (1872-1915). The title is intended to evoke the philosophical universe, visionary and poetic composer: “Skrjabin or the delirium of infinity”.

The music found in this collection were composed in the years 1908-1914 and were to flow into the Mysterium, the work of cosmic regeneration.

The artist thought, in the Mysterium, to fuse music, poetry, sounds, colours and perfumes, in a sort of collective ecstasy that would have propitiated the spiritual renewal of all humanity.

Skrjabin was unable to fulfill his dream, but his life’s work, in full creative autonomy, are among the most visionary and prophetic pages of the composer.

Alessandro Bistarelli

Alexandr Skrjabin 100┬░ della morte